Avaya Definity Phone System (26 Phones, 2 Main Control Centers)

Avaya Definity Phone System (26 Phones, 2 Main Control Centers)
Avaya Definity Phone System (26 Phones, 2 Main Control Centers)
Avaya Definity Phone System (26 Phones, 2 Main Control Centers)
Avaya Definity Phone System (26 Phones, 2 Main Control Centers)
Avaya Definity Phone System (26 Phones, 2 Main Control Centers)

Avaya Definity Phone System (26 Phones, 2 Main Control Centers)
26 Avaya Definity 6424D+M Grey Display Speakerphone Systems. 2 line x 24 character LCD. 24 programmable call appearance/feature buttons.

Navigation keys for menu, next, previous, and exit. Fixed feature buttons include conference, transfer, hold, speaker, mute, and redial.

4 soft keys for menu functions. 12 soft key default features with access to 18 alternative soft key features. Equipped with an integrated headset jack.

Adjunct port for 100A analog interface module. Definity R6.1 or higher. IP Office R7.0 - IP500 control unit must be running full IP Office mode. Not compatible in Quick mode. IP OFFICE R8.0 OR HIGHER.

IP500 control unit must be running Essential Edition. Not compatible in Basic Edition. It requires an available station port on a TN2181, TN2224/B/CP, IP403/406/406V2, IP400 Digital Station 16/30, or IP500 Digital Station 8/16/30. A-Stock phones are in fully functional condition and have great aesthetic quality. 3 Avaya Definity XM24 Grey 24-Button Add-On-Module.

24 programmable Call Appearance/feature buttons. Requires station or closet power.

6416D+M and 6424D+M (module ready) Definity Voice Terminals. 2 Avaya Definity Multi Carrier Cabinet. CMC Control Carrier contains 2 dedicated circuit pack slots. Processor resides in slot 1 and tone-clock resides in slot 2.

Slots 3 to 10 can contain optional port and service circuit packs. Up to 3 CMCs can be connected together. CMC Control Carrier installs in middle of connected configuration. 1 - TN793B 24-Analog Circuit Pack.

The TN793B supports 24 analog telephones or devices on Definity systems release 6.3 or higher. This card also features caller ID on Definity release 8.2 or higher. Supports 24 analog telephones or devices. 24 analog ports supported on Definity R6.3 or higher. Caller ID on Definity R8.2 or higher.

2 - TN750C Announcement Circuit Pack. The TN750C records and stores announcements which are able to be played on demand as part of a calling feature. TN750C supports all the features of the TN750B in addition to providing reduced power-up restore time, eliminating manual saving, and improving the management of integrated announcements. Required for Multiple Integrated Announcements feature. 1 - TN763D Auxiliary Trunk.

The TN763C/D Auxiliary Trunk is equipped with 4 ports which have T, R, SZ, SZ1, S, and S1 signal leads. These leads are used for music-on-hold, loudspeaker paging, code calling, and access to record telephone dictation. Signal leads: T, R, SZ, SZ1, S, and S1 signal leads. 1 - TN747B 8-Port Central Office Trunk Circuit Card.

The TN747B 8-Port Central Office Trunk Circuit Card comes equipped with 8 ports. Each port has Tip and Ring signal leads that are compatible with trunk paging interface.

Tip and Ring signal leads. Supports abandoned call search feature in ACD applications. Interfaces Definity Systems or System 75. 2 - 650A AC Power Unit (CMC). The 650A AC Power Unite (CMC) provides 330 Watts and multiple DC outputs. Global power-factor-corrected AC/DC converter providing multiple DC outputs and AC ring outputs. Autoranging and accepts 85-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz AC input.

5.1 VDC, 1.0A. +8 to +14 VDC, 1.6A (fan speed control). 115 VDC, 200 mA (neon bus). 85 VAC RMS, 80 mA, 20 Hz, centered about -48 VDC, 180 mA. 72 VAC RMS, 8 to 80 mA, 25 Hz, centered about -48 VDC, 180mA.

Two 28 VAC RMS (56 Veff), 220 mA, 50 Hz biased about -48 VDC and 0 VDC, 70 mA balance. Processor platform runs at 25 MHz.

Includes a 32-bit CPU complex and a maintenance processor complex providing serial communications and maintenance functions. Terminates ISDN LAPD signaling over the TDM bus from PRI and BRI trunk circuit packs. RISC CPU complex provides 4 to 32 MBytes of Flash PROM. DRAM is provided via one SIMM. Contains 32 MBytes of DRAM.

25 communications, nor does it provide a duplication option. TN2402 does not contain an on-board modem; instead, an external modem must be connected to the RS-232E port previously used for the internal modem.

TN2402 is required for the csi model to save translations to the 5-volt ATA flash memory card. The TN2182C Tone Clock Integrates the tone generator, tone detection, system clock, and synchronization functions into one circuit pack that can be used for standard, high, and critical reliability systems. It supports 8 ports for tone detection and allows gain or loss to be applied to Pulse Code Modulated (PCM) signals received from the bus. The TN2182C provides Stratum 4 enhanced clock accuracy and supports MFC signaling and places single tone on any of the 256 time slots of the system's Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) bus. While providing continuous, cadenced, and mixed tones, it allows administrable settings of tone frequency and level.

It has the ability to detect 2025 Hz, 2100 Hz, 2225 Hz modem answerback tones, and provides normal and wide broadband dial tone detection. 1 - TN799C Control LAN (C-LAN) Interface. TN799C Control LAN (C-LAN) Interface simplifies the connection between adjunct equipment and Definity systems.

The TN799C supplies a TCP/IP connection over Ethernet of PPP connections to applications. Provides TCP/IP connectivity over Ethernet or PPP connections to applications. Required to support the TN802B or TN2302AP IP Interface operating in MedPro mode for H. TN799/B compatible with R7r, R7si, and R7csi.

TN799 supports the traceroute and netstat network testing commands. C-LAN acts as the firmware download interface to the UDS1 family of boards. 2 - Avaya Definity TN2224B 2W 24-Port Digital Line (TN2224B). The Avaya Definity TN2224B 2W 24-Port Digital Line Card interfaces with 8400 and 6400 series digital voice terminals within 3500 feet of the main equipment via 24-gauge cable. Additionally, this unit supports the 302B1 console in 2-wire mode.

Interfaces with 8400 and 6400 series 2-wire digital voice terminals. Also supports the 302B1 console in 2-wire mode. Requires Definity G3v4 with 5.2 software or later.

Terminals must be within 3500 feet of main equipment. 2 - TN767E DS1 ISDN / PRI Circuit Pack. TN767E DS1 ISDN / PRI Circuit Pack supports connectivity for DS1 digital. Support for DS1 digital connectivity. Robbed bit signaling support for CO, TIE, DID, OPS.

ISDN-PRI release 6 and higher support. Required to communicate with conversant and for enhances maintenance capabilities of the 120A CSU. 2 - AHF110 TDM/LAN Bus Terminator - AHF110.

Compatible with Definity Single Carrier Cabinet (SCC) and Compact Modular Cabinet (CMC). The item "Avaya Definity Phone System (26 Phones, 2 Main Control Centers)" is in sale since Tuesday, August 29, 2017. This item is in the category "Business & Industrial\Office\Telecom Systems\Phone Switching Systems & PBXs".

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Avaya Definity Phone System (26 Phones, 2 Main Control Centers)

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